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      About Us

      ¨'Animal Control' is an outrageously funny, over-the-top mock reality show that pulls the veil off of reality television and shows exactly how these pieces of crap get made! Down and out Hollywood producer Allen Davies owes a lot of people money. After the unsuccessful attempts of his last few projects, let's just say finding work has been pretty slow. That is, until foreign investors hire Allen to produce a new reality show for American television.


      Meet The Officers


      Michael Fine – Producer Allen Davies
      Rob Beams – Officer Tim Worthy
      Sharon Houston – Officer Alexa Torres
      Jai Norman – Officer James Brown
      Paul Shaw – Officer Dickey Coles
      Diane Fredrickson – Producer Jackie Preston
      Shoniqua Shondai – Animal Control Officer “Torri”
      Pasqual Pinto – Animal Shelter worker Dennis Pewkey
      Saie Kurakula – Animal Control Trainee
      Prince Barishnu Okbar “
      Dennis Mattai – Mr. Carboni
      Joanna Kalafatis – Hit Woman #1
      Kimberly Whittaker – Nail Salon Customer
      Tommy Jackson – “Bunny Boy”
      Henry Navarro – Animal Control Trainee - “Sanchez”
      Belinda Clark – Hit Woman #2
      Lindsey K. Vaerst – Animal Control Trainee
      Laia Stranger